Q: What to look for in an acoustic consultant?
A: When selecting a firm for your project there are a few questions you can start with: Is the firm a member of the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC)? Are the staff all members of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and qualified in Engineering and/or Science? Is there a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) in the office? ASK can answer ‘yes’ to all these, and is happy to explain the associated benefits.

Q: Is the project too small or too big for ASK?
A: ASK work on projects of all sizes from small residential queries through to large mining, building, and infrastructure projects, with budgets ranging from several hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. So it is likely we can handle your project. Please call us on 07 3255 3355 to discuss.

Q: How quickly can you provide a report?
A: ASK response times vary according to staff availability and the complexity of the work required. However additional resources can be diverted to projects with genuine urgency to meet short timeframes.

Q: Do you have RPEQ engineers?
A: Yes, ASK currently have two staff who have Registration as a Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). This is required for some projects, particularly those assessments required by Department of Transport and Main Roads, or certification reports for Certifiers.

Q: What qualifications do your staff have?
A: ASK professional staff are all qualified engineers or scientists, with specialty skills in acoustics and/or air quality and their associated subfields. Staff are all members of relevant professional societies such as the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ). ASK is also a member company of the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC), a not for profit peak body representing professionals who are involved in delivering acoustic solutions to a wide range of clients and the community.

Q: Do you undertake work outside of Queensland?
A: Yes we do. The majority of our work is in Queensland and New South Wales, but we have been involved in projects across Australia and PNG. Please call us on 07 3255 3355 to discuss any project.

Q: Do you work to Australian and International Standards?
A: Our work is conducted to the relevant standards, policies and guidelines. Our equipment is laboratory and field calibrated in accordance with these standards. Relevant standards can include AS 1055, AS 1191, AS 1269, AS 2021, AS/NZS 2107, AS 3671, AS/NZS ISO 140, and AS/NZS ISO 717.

Q: Do you provide structural, civil, or electrical engineering services?
A: Unfortunately we don’t offer these services, as we specialise in acoustics, noise, vibration, air quality, odour and greenhouse gases.

Q: Do you hire noise and/or vibration equipment?
A: Yes we do hire equipment though we prefer to also provide expert advice on how to use the equipment most effectively and interpret the results. We have a number of simple and advanced noise loggers, hand held meters, and other devices with octave, third-octave, audio recording and multi-channel capabilities. Please call us on 07 3255 3355 to discuss.

Q: Do you provide training or courses?
A: Yes we do provide training and courses on acoustics, noise, vibration, air quality, odour and greenhouse gases. We also provide free basic training to professional groups or clients (existing or potential). Please call us on 07 3255 3355 to discuss.

Q: I want to install timber/tiled flooring in my unit (or the tenants above have) – will it be OK?
A: Body corporate often handle this issue differently, with some requiring a carpet floor finish be maintained or its acoustic performance be maintained, some require a nominal acoustic rating from the floor finish, whilst others may have no comments on the issue. Regardless, tenants are entitled to reasonable peace, comfort and privacy in their property. It should be kept in mind that a floor with a hard finish (i.e. timber or tiles) is never as quiet to the tenants below as a floor with a carpet finish. There are numerous acoustic products which can be installed under hard floor finishes, and these have varying levels of performance.

Suppliers can provide an acoustic rating for the product, however be aware that the performance of any acoustic underlay product is specific to a building. There are a large number of variables that affect the performance including floor thickness, ceilings and wall type (load-bearing or otherwise). ASK is able to provide acoustic advice, testing and reporting to determine the acoustical performance requirement.

Q: My neighbours’ air-conditioner or pool pump is very noisy – can ASK help?
A: ASK is able to conduct a site visit, measure the noise levels and provide a report stating whether the equipment is compliant with legislation. We can also provide advice as to how the equipment can be quietened through relocation, enclosure or equipment upgrade. ASK is able to provide acoustic advice, testing and reporting, and our usual consulting rates apply.

Q: My house is in a transport noise corridor (QDC, MP 4.4) – can ASK help?
A: ASK is able to provide noise assessments as per the requirements of the Queensland state government’s transport noise corridor requirements in Queensland Development Code (QDC) Mandatory Part (MP) 4.4. Often a noise assessment conducted by ASK will result in less requirements for the dwelling construction and can potentially save thousands of dollars in costs. Refer to MP 4.4 Info or contact ASK on 07 3255 3355 to discuss.

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